Work from home

Taaza Tareen 12

February 24 – April 5, 2020

supported by KKAF, Canvas Gallery, Hum TV, Aliya & Farouk collection, Shamain Akbar, Ziad Bashir and Fatima Munir & Adnan Amjad

with Aisha Bashir, Firdous Mangi, Osama Rehman, Suleman Faisal & Rabia S. Akhtar (writer in residence)

Vasl’s Taaza Tareen residencies are designed for the emerging artists of Pakistan, as a six week program for creative development and engagement with the community. This year, Vasl ran the 12th rotation of Taaza Tareen with four artists, Aisha Bashir | Rawalpindi, Firdous Mangi | Karachi/Larhkana, Osama Rehman | Karachi & Suleman Faisal | Lahore and an art writer in residence Rabia S. Akhtar | Karachi.

The Rapid and the changing nature of the COVID-19 created challenges for the program as it was halted midway and the artists were sent home. Being an organization which caters to the creative community, the Vasl team decided to keep their chins up and continue the residency for the artists, first time, as a ‘work from home’ program.