Aisha Bashir

Echoes of the Walls

Taaza Tareen 12, Artists’ Residency Show 2020

1. I Bricks & other building material

1. II Bricks & other building material

Bricks & Other Building Material : 

Manuals For Everyday Life

Some days our moments are fluid, 

Taking any form or shape, 

Like water in rivulets. 


Being in Karachi,

A personal narrative, 

Weaved through a web of reflective memories. 


How do you feel about ice-creams? 

They remind me of a summer day, 

My hands, sticky with the melted cream. 

More exasperating than pleasant. 


The time and place changes,

The world turns upside down, 

I still search for the dynamics of existence.


Reading the background noise,

Drawing history in a passive voice.


In search of an anchor, 

Affinity with tangible moments.



While holding on to a book.


To words and colors, 

To the web of memories, that are secure in the past.

Digital Fortune Cookie: Take One


Fortune Cookie, 

Take One.

Roll the dice. 


Whether chance or kismet, Whether choice or destiny

one surreality after another. 

Are these looming signs?


Can fortune cookies predict your future?

 prophecies or absurdities?  


For the hopeful,

These are cryptic signs

For the cynical,



For the willful,



Fortune Cookie, 

Take One.

Roll the dice. 

About Aisha:

Aisha Bashir is an artist who completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2016. Bashir’s work is centered around cultural issues as well as prevailing concepts of identity. She works with diverse mediums, shifting from or merging visuals and text. Bashir has produced multiple publications and has showcased her work in many national galleries.