Amna Tariq

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Artist, Designer, 3D Visualizer and a teacher, I graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2009 with Painting as Major and did my Post graduation in Multimedia Arts Program with Honors, also from National College of arts Lahore in 2019. I have been exhibiting both nationally and internationally, teaching as visiting faculty and have curated a few art shows within Pakistan. 

The ideas represented in my work are universal and reach out to a diverse audience as they permeate all ethnicity, regions, classes and genders. This generic treatment of the various concepts presented in all domains of art that I practice, form the basis of my art works.  Recently, in addition to the traditional Fine art skills acquired in Bachelors Degree program I have also learned and polished control over 2D and 3D Software and added a portfolio of digital art to my art practice.