in collaboration with PILER and Arts Council of Pakistan

In September 2012, Pakistan faced one of its most horrific industrial accidents where a textile factory in Baldia Town was ravaged by fire resulting in 287 causalities who were trapped behind the locked doors of the factory.In response to this tragedy, eighty-three artists came together for an exhibition titled ‘Awaaz’ (Voice) curated by Vasl’s coordinator Adeela Suleman, at the Arts Council, Karachi. Vasl, in collaboration with CAP participated in the exhibition with installations and collages.The exhibition opened with speeches by artists, labour unionists and human rights activists. A music video by Jawad Ahmed was presented in which the victims of the tragic Baldia fire were elegized. The participating artists of Awaaz displayed the sensitivity required to paint, draw and portray calamitous events. The artists immortalised the tragedy and ensured that the Baldia fire did not become another piece in the pile of forgotten calamities.

“We will keep our Awaaz alive until justice is served to the affected families. We will not let anyone forget what happened to all those people.”– Adeela Suleman