Conversation in Image-making

Workshop and International Artist Residency with Wei Leng Tay

February 20 – March 13, 2017

conducted by Wei Leng Tay

Vasl and Wei Leng Tay designed a three-week workshop at the Vasl residence. It was created for keen artists who were enthusiastic about photography-based practices and the relationship between art and society. Led by Tay, the workshop centred around bringing forth dimensions on the use of images, documentation of artmaking, the position of the artist in relation to the subject matter, in addition to their interface with the public and society. Through the use of sharing Tay’s methodologies, and of the participant’s art practices, readings, screenings and role-playing. The workshop aimed at engaging the participants in a peer-based manner, to build shared knowledge and harmonise with each other in order to ponder over the frameworks for their own practices.

Participants: Madiha Aijaz, Samina Islam, Zoral Khurram, Mujtaba Asif, Feroza Gulzar and Myra Javaid.