Karachi Trader []

Single Artist Residency

October 2018 & January 2019

supported by Goethe Institut Pakistan

with aLifveForms

Karachi Trader []

The Karachi Trader is a ghostly being that haunts the city’s seaside from devils point criss crossing the popular beach, the western mall and a black river towards the China Port’s future deserts.

It is a being which continues the lifeline of Schwarmwesen (swarm-being) a tongueless roaming pet of the European tourist sites [6.0.X and 6.1.X] researching its developing terms such as “Geopathology“, “Chronostrophy and “Capitalotrophy“. In Karachi, this being has reached its own “Forking horizon“ a process of making a new version of itself. A process of becoming other with oneself.

The sandy strip of land along the city is a “symbolic terrain” to the Trader, a metaphoric crossroads of some sorts, where the Arabian Sea meets the continental mass of Asia forming a vertical axis from east to west and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor from north to south forming a horizontal axis. Those vectors mark the site as “this part of the world“ yet expand its imaginary space, accounting for much larger forces of global trade infrastructures and geopolitical dreams of growth and power.

Karachi Trader visits the site, its people and non-human beings that inhabit this terrain. It traverses “them-as-us“ and speaks through “us-as-them“. Language devices, a set of voices stored on the being’s artificial tongue, babble in never ending translations. A Trader of language and dialects. A trader of forms of trade. A trader of artifacts and small commodities shipped along the belt and roads of a microcosmic spot that is simultaneously interweaved with “anysite” on the planet.

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