Of True Reigns & Yellow Pages

Vasl-KKAF Research Grant 2022

March 7 – 16, 2023

Grant winner, Lujane Pagganwala

Canvas Gallery

Lujane Pagganwala is the fifth recipient of the Vasl-Khurram Kasim Art Foundation (KKAF) Research Grant, 2022. Lujane is a visual artist currently based in Karachi, Pakistan. She was also one of the resident artists for Vasl’s 14th Taaza Tareen residency, ‘And So It Happened’.

The Vasl-KKAF Research Grant of 2022 was comprised of 4 jury members, Khurram Kasim, Saira Danish Ahmed, Sameera Raja and Sophia Balagamwala.

Dusted within material, what is presented is a retrospect of innate membranes

To the comprehension of ‘what’, is a corridor from here to now


Grounded reveries simmer

Of floaters in White Waters

Of vines and vices de-seeded


Make your way

When the gauze is lifted

Of a forgotten restoration

Embraced within the flash


In a verse of two

She forfeits the call

Such is the descent

Of a ubiquitous haul


And in all the magnanimity

Of true reigns

And yellow pages


It is dusted within material

To the comprehension of what?

Is now a corridor from there to then

About Lujane:

Lujane Pagganwala, b.1997, has received a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose work revolves around the idea of space: tangible and intangible, physical and metaphysical. She tends to create work that engulfs the audience and provokes them to interact with the artwork. Pagganwala, lives and works in Karachi, Pakistan, and has exhibited both locally and internationally.