Marco Pezzotta


Through my practice, I examine systems and groups, and language, translation, narration, and the identity of unities related to the systems they belong to and they contribute to shape.Considering the whole as greater than the sum of its parts was a starting point, hence (I thought) a good strategy could have been to force things together and passively look at them trying to re-organize under their new surrounding, as people in a relationship usually do.I, for my part, use objects as tools of a narrative process and as binders for the establishment of this environment.I definitely try to set conditions rather than lead someone to an experience. I care about the gathering of a subject with the circumstances i prepared: s_he has the mayor influence on the system and will always get an own version. I introduce few elements, enough to get a slender structure, anyway things are always lacking of some details, and they need to be filled with sense.This I try to get, something out of nothing.