Time to Navigate

Vasl Research Grant 2018

Bijli, Pani Aur Gas, Taaza Tareen 10

Grant winner, Mujtaba Asif

April 2018

Mujtaba Asif was the first recipient of the Vasl Research Grant in 2018. He was also a resident artist for the 10 Taaza Tareen residency program, ‘Bijli, Pani aur Gas’. Mujtaba Asif also exhibited his solo exhibition ‘Time to Navigate’ at the prestigious Canvas Gallery, Karachi from April 9 – April 18, 2019. The exhibition was a culmination of Mujtaba’s yearlong work in Karachi, bringing forth together the expansive research in addition to individual creativity.

In 2018, a qualified resident of Vasl’s annual Taaza Tareen Residency was granted the research grant from the Vasl Artist’s Association. The Vasl Research Grant has been designed to be awarded to upcoming visual artists who are assiduous and committed to their projects. The jury panel for the Vasl Research Grant in 2018 consisted of 4 members, Amin Gulgee, Khurram Kasim, Quddus Mirza and Sameera Raja.

As an artist, my artistic investigation and creative process questions about the significance of the fundamental Human Rights and its implementation. But, surprisingly, the rights of human beings are also violated by the human beings themselves. This dichotomous nature of human behaviour draws my attention towards a human-drive that formulates their psychology and daily-life priorities and interests. The core objective of my journalism heavily relies on the philosophy of ‘being loved’. But, it has come under my observation that human beings are not loved as they should be and humiliated in different levels because of a number of factors involved which are oddly violent. For instance, countries with extravagant development in the field of nuclear science impose their strength to other weaker countries in order to achieve some reprehensible interests which cause a great forced-human displacement, migration and killings. And, unfortunately, human history is embedded with such historical events of massacre and genocide where it does not matter that how much material advantages are achieved, but, what does matter is how much inconvertible damage is done with the human lives and humanity. Hence, through my artistic expression, I try to give an opportunity for the viewers to rethink about all those pre-given set of believes defined by our culture, region and religion which are often being politicised by the authorities in order to have their hierarchy maintained, spread hatred and ultimately target humanity.

About Mujtaba:

Mujtaba Asif, a multi-disciplinary artist completed his bachelor’s degree in fine art with a distinction awarded by the Department of Visual Studies from the University of Karachi in 2015. His works consists of combining an array of medias, ranging from delicate paper and clay constructions to meticulously reworking on found objects, graffiti, signage and collaborative workshops with local diverse communities and groups that intervene with the idea of physical and conceptual space.