Rabbya Naseer

Rabbya Naseer is a Pakistani visual artist engaged in making, curating, writing and teaching art. Shehas an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from NCA, Lahore (2006) and is a recipient of a Fulbrightscholarship for Masters in Art Theory and Criticism from SAIC, Chicago Her practice is broadlyconcerned with exploring the parallels between art and everyday life and highlighting theirsimilarities in production, representation, reception, and interpretation. Alongside her ongoing artisticpractice, Naseer is currently working on compiling an archive of performance art from Pakistan, inaddition to a curatorial project entitled Promises to Keep, to be shown at Apexart, New York, in June2017. The exhibition will look at how performance is employed as a medium for addressing issues ofidentity and self-representation by female artists from Pakistan.Naseer’s works and writings have appeared in various Pakistani publications and exhibitions. Herinstallations and performance works have also been exhibited at Today Art Museum, Beijing; DeviArt Foundation, Delhi; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and Fukuoka. She has also been part of residenciesand academic conferences in India and in the U.S.A.