Taaza Tareen 1

Local Artists’ Residency

April 8 – April 28, 2005

supported by V.M. Art Gallery & ZVMG Rangoonwala Foundation and V.M. Art Gallery

with Ali Kazim, Auj Khan, Ayesha Durrani, Ayesha Khan, Mahreen Zuberi, Mohammad Ali Talpur & Naveid Iqbal

Following the success of the International Residencies in the formative years of Vasl, a three-week residency program was designed for seven Pakistani artists in the emerging years of their practices.

Ali Kazim, Auj Khan, Ayesha Durrani, Ayesha Khan, Mehreen Zuberi, Mohammad Ali Talpur and Naveid Iqbal were invited to participate in the first Vasl ‘Taaza Tareen’ residency.

The artists came from various backgrounds and had graduated from different art universities across Pakistan, enabling each to bring his/her own discipline of art practice and sensibility towards the residency. As part of the educational outreach component of the residency, the artists conducted a 2 day workshop at two The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Schools in Karachi. The informal lectures and activities were designed to introduce the students with a basic idea of what it meant to be an artist in a Pakistani society. The artists asks the students for their interpretation of the words ‘art’, ‘creativity’ and ‘fun’ which lead to a mural and a story-based exercise. The mural consisted of each student working from a given reference on his or her individual boards to be put together at the end creating a collaborative image.

During the program, the seven artists explored narratives and materials interlinked in their practices at studios provided by the Rangoonwala Foundation and exhibited their final bodies of work at the V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi. The Open Forum discussion was attended with over 80 participants at the V.M. Art Gallery and much dialogue was generated about work practice and individual aspirations.