International Artists’ Residency


August 2004

supported by Ford Foundation, Rangoonwala Foundation and VM Gallery Triangle Arts Trust, UK

and Robert Loder, British Council, Karachi, Arts Council England, International Artists Fellowships, Austrian Arts Council

with Clio Lloyd Jacob, Farah Jamaluddin, Lou Yongjin, Munawar Ali Syed, Riyas Komu, Simone Wille 

The Second International Artists Residency held in August 2004 with six artists; Munawar Ali Syed and Farah Jamaluddin from Pakistan and international artists Simone Wille (Austria), Clio Lloyd Jacob(U.K), Lou Yongjin(China) and Riyas Komu (India). This residency was formulated with a special focus on educational outreach programs by selecting artists interested in facilitating dialogue and exchange through flexible academic programs.

As part of the educational outreach program in the residency, art historian and researcher Simone Wille conducted a series of audio-visual lectures at the V.M. Art Gallery in the Rangoonwala Community Center. She also initiated an Art Writers’ Forum, in which a group of young writers were invited to discuss ways of critiquing and writing about issues in contemporary art. During her lecture series, Wille introduced the works of trans-national artists such as Jananne Al-Ani, Ghada Amer and Mona Hatoum to the participants as well as her own studies on the Iranian contemporary art exhibition in Berlin at the House of the World Cultures.Simone Wille has since acquired a Ph.D from the University of Vienna with a focus on contemporary art from Pakistan.

Clio Lloyd-Jacob, from the U.K, initiated a two–day workshop titled Íntercultural Transformations with 12 young artists from various art colleges in Karachi. The idea behind the workshop consisted of a drawn animation, to be presented as a video and then to be printed as a flipbook. A group of artists in Karachi were asked to bring or choose an object, which had some personal or cultural meaning to them, reflecting their identity. The artists explored the possibilities of transformations through 60-80 small drawings.

Each partnership’s work was made into a short animated digital video by Clio in the U.K. The artists communicated by email to choose a title for their joint work and discuss the works they made with each other. Clio also gave an Art Therapy workshop with students from Psychology, Sociology and Visual Studies Departments of Karachi University.