International Artists’ Residency


with Ehsan-ul-Haq, Gemma Sharpe, Lara Baladi & Mohammad Abdelkarim

The 2010 Vasl International Artists’ Residency brought together four artists and writers for the duration of a month. The group consisted of Mohammed Abdel Karim, Lara Baladi, Ehsan-ul- Haq, and Gemma Sharpe.

Mohamed Abdel Karim from Egypt dealt with the act of observation and memorization of signs that are emblems of relations. For Karim “it was a hard thing to do in a place like Karachi where the populace, embedded in multicultural and political layers, is in search of a cultural and a national identity.”

The residency culminated in an Open Day where artists’ expositions and installations were viewed by public. Accompanying Haq’s installations were readings by Gemma Sharpe, a live performance by Mohammed Abdel Karim and a closing Symphony by Lara Baladi.

Ehsan Ul Haq created connections by playing with situations or spaces where life and art overlap, finding planes of creativity in the everyday. Ehsan was enthralled by the creative and intelligent nature of man that reflects through his act of manipulating, re ordering and redefining his surroundings.

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