Sana Dar 

Lahore, Pakistan

Sana Dar, Visual Artist – was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. She has a BFA in Visual Arts and an M.Litt. in TV and Film Studies, from the Beaconhouse National University.

Sana has been developing her art practice since 2014 and has participated in over 12 group shows. Her first solo exhibition in 2016 showcased works from her first two series. Inspired by the Rorschach Inkblot test and by her own life experiences, the work depicted emotions and personal life events.

As the daughter of an artist and a surgeon, Sana has innate creative capabilities and dexterity. Though her works are labor intensive, she paints instinctively and with spontaneity. Composing abstract pieces by layering hand-cut paper, intricate patterns and colour.

As an abstract expressionist, she paints as she feels, focusing on the process first. Enjoying the paint’s viscosity as colours mix, and the action of smearing colour. Consumed by patterns, intuitively composing pieces by harmonizing obscure shapes and forms. Finishing them with titles that develop her narrative and body of work.

Sana was one of 25 artists in residence at the Ox-bow School of Arts and Artists’ Residency in 2017. The experience inspired her to create pieces without the use of the black pen. It was a liberating move, freeing up energy for a new series. Which has since been evolving, and is progressing into a body of work with over 100 original artworks.