Social Gaming

part of Khoj Live within the fourth India Art Summit

‘Social Gaming’ was a live Skype-based event between India and Pakistan. People from both countries has participated in the interactive social games which involved social media. The event was part of Khoj Live, who organised within the remit of the fourth India Art Summit in New Delhi, in collaboration with Vasl. The event was part of a wider project created by Amitesh Grover. Four connected computers relayed dialogues between teams from India and Pakistan, digitally transforming the properties of a cultural space and forging multiple connections between the locations. The game played via Skype was Intercontinental Lark.“These social games embrace questions of mapping and territory, devise unlikely ways for players to communicate, and invite consideration of the physical, digital and social environment of each space – the differences and similarities between them. This performativity of the event seeks to crystallize a movement in contemporary India and Pakistan – a free-wheeling, wide ranging bashing down of boundaries between forms and practices, a celebration of us all as both artists and audience.”