Suleman Faisal

Echoes of the Walls

Taaza Tareen 12, Artists’ Residency Show 2020

The process of creation involves deconstruction and even negation of other forms. Cooking is a reflective and meditative act for me, that brings people together in an act of communal harmony. The traditional practice of cooking has an inherent aggressive element to it, as it involves killing an animal or plucking a live vegetation from the earth. As a pacifist, enjoying, preparing and sharing meals with my family and friends, I find myself reflecting on the violent act of slicing and chopping that is the antithesis of the joy of sharing. This paradox confronts us. By casting the image of fish and vegetables, I recreate the assemblage of that life. I put this life into motion to emulate the undulations of the vitality of the breathing existence. The installation questions the cycle of destruction, recreation and consumption.

Rhythm I, Suleman Faisal, 2020

Rhythm II, Suleman Faisal, 2020

Rhythm III, Suleman Faisal, 2020

About Suleman:

Suleman Faisal is a Lahore based artist who graduated with distinction in Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, in 2017. Faisal was artist-in-residence at the Pioneer Cement Factory, a program curated by the Canvas Gallery, Karachi. He has showcased his work in several group shows across various galleries in Pakistan. Currently, Faisal teaches at the National College of Arts, Lahore while focusing on his practice as an independent artist. Faisal attempts to communicate with multiple mediums and techniques which are sculptural in nature. His practice raises questions of justice in society through his evolving forms.