Taaza Tareen III

The ABSA School


conducted by  Ayesha Sultana, Irfan Hasan, Iqra Tanveer, Rabbya Naseer, Raju G.C, Sohail Abdullah.

The 2008 Taaza Tareen workshop was a collaboration of six individual artists who undertook outreach activities by conducting workshops or ARTshares and tutorials at the ABSA School.

The ABSA School was a space with open studios or exhibitions of the work made on the residency – allowing the artists to meet new audiences and demonstrate their work to curators and their own peers and new networks.

Local workshop programs are relevant to majority of the young artists who are leaving art institutions with their immense sense of hope and artistic energy do not have enough articulation and discipline to contribute healthily to the international or local public art forums. On the one hand, this has happened due to not having enough opportunity to further their ideas through experimentation after graduation from art school.  At the same time they are also deprived of an informed art audience to whom they could put forward their ideas and experimentation that would give constructive critical evaluation which would further help them to rethink and reformulate their ideas.