Taaza Tareen V

Ida Rieu


conducted by  Amna Tariq, Fahim Rao, Haider Ali Jan, Sausan Saulat, Unum Babar.

Taaza Tareen V ‘09, a residency of five artists, concluded on November 24th, 2009. The residency brought together graduates of four different art institutions in Pakistan; Beaconhouse National University(BNU), National College of Arts (NCA), Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture(IVSAA),and Central institute of Arts and Crafts (CIAC). They not only brought with them varying areas of interest but also different mediums of expressions: drawing, photography, painting and installations.


One of the major components of the 5 week residency is the educational outreach. The task engaged in by the artists was a three-day workshop with the students of Ida Reu, a school for deaf, dumb and blind students in Karachi.


The workshop provided the artists with an insight into their own practice as well as introduced them to new angles of perception. It was a learning experience for the artists and the students, a chance to interact and observe each others’ approach toward their art as well as society.


Anum Babar conducted a drawing workshop with blind students. In order to enable students to realize what they have drawn, Anum employed the Braille method to drawing. The project was based around detailed observations of an object, leaves, using the sense of touch and translating those onto the paper.

It was felt by the artists that some were less inhibited and more confident to try out new ways of doing things than their older counterparts.