Taaza Tareen VI

Teacher Training Workshop


conducted by Lakisha Niwanthi, Mohsin Shafi, Saba Qureshi, Shimul Saha, Zikra Baloch

VASL collaborated with the Children’s Museum for Peace & Human Rights (CMPHR) and conducted a workshop revolving around the environment. As part of their project, the artists collectively decided that rather than working directly with children from schools, it would be more beneficial to have focused workshops with teachers across Karachi. The intention of this shift in audience was to equip those teachers with new knowledge sets that they could convey to their respective classes.


By conducting workshops revolving around the environment that included 42 art teachers from 33 schools. One of the core activities of the Taaza Tareen local artists residency programme is to provide a space for the participating artists to engage with the local educational system.


Resident artists began the workshop by showing slides of different national and international artist’s works – focusing on artists who have used recycled the material in order to make their art. This became both an introduction to the Pakistani art scene and an insight to the contemporary art practices internationally. The art teachers then worked with the artists on a concept related to environment and made three dimensional structures and stop motion films.