The 'Curatorial Knowledge Workshop' is a Vasl Artists' Collective (Pakistan), project in partnership with Gasworks, (London), and is part of the Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe programme funded by the Asia Europe Foundation and Arts Network Asia, (in partnership with TheatreWorks, Singapore, and Trans Europe Halles, Sweden).


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Project Timeline:

Jamie George (UK) Artist Residency: 8/03/2012 - 12/04/2012 www.vaslart.org/xhtml/artnow/.../2012/jamie%20george/index.html
Jamie's residency, part of the Gasworks International Fellowships programme, opened the project and examined curatorial practices from a studio-based perspective.


Emily Crane (UK) Curatorial Visit: 13/03/2012 - 23/03/2012
PhD candidate Emily Crane visited Vasl as part of her research on curating and artists' networks in Africa and South Asia. Her research while at Vasl will feed back into this programme in the form of an written essay.


Il-liberal Cosmopolitanism event at no.w.here, London: 24/06/2012 http://nowhereopenstudio.blogspot.com/2012/06/elsewhere-and-here-where.html
As part of no.w.here's Summer School project, Gemma Sharpe hosted a seminar on issues of judgment within the international art world, which fell under the research umbrella of the Curatorial Knowledge Workshop.


Curatorial Research Residency, Pakistan: 16/10/2012 - 14/11/2012
The main event of the Curatorial Knowledge Workshop, the event will involve 5/6 curators from Asia, Europe and Pakistan living and working in Karachi and Lahore, undertaking their own research and contributing to the local art scene through events, lectures and seminars. Participants TBC.


Don Quixote in Residence: Symposium at IVS: 11/11/2012
The main event of the Curatorial Research Residency, the symposium will include talks and lectures by the participants of the programme and by local practitioners. The aims of the project will be discussed, along with the politics of curatorial visitation and new directions for curatorial practice in Pakistan. Further details TBC.


'Feedback events': 1/12/2012 - 1/3/2012
The participants of the Curatorial Research Residency will 'feed back' their research developed on the residency through events in their own contexts held at organisations that they are affiliated with and that will form a network of practitioners based on the project. Further details TBC.




Project Coordinator/Website Editor: Gemma Sharpe
Website Design: Owais A. Khan


Vasl Artists' Collective, Karachi: vaslart.org

Coordinators: Adeela Suleman and Gemma Sharpe
Manager: Hassan Mustafa
Web Manager: Owais A. Khan
Assistant Coordinator: Sana Obaid
Newsletter Editor: Zahra Malkani


Vasl Artists' Collective, Lahore:

Coordinators: Haider Ali Jan and Asad Hayee


Gasworks, London: www.gasworks.org.uk

Director: Alessio Antoniolli
Deputy Director: Amy Walker
Projects Coordinator: Ellen Burroughs
Residencies Programmer: Rowan Geddis
Communications Coordinator: Holly Jennison
Exhibitions Curator: Robert Leckie
Participation Programme: Katie Orr
Development Coordinator: Megan Rumbleow
Finance and Administration Assistant: Louise Sunderland


Residency Participants, Writers and Speakers:
International Fellowship Artist: Jamie George, (Vasl residency March 2012)
Other participants TBC


Collaborating/Contributing Institutions:

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture www.indusvalley.edu.pk
Art & Research www.artandresearch.org.uk
no.w.here www.no-w-here.org.uk
Triangle Network www.trianglearts.org
Culture 360ยบ http://culture360.org/


Thanks to:

Saira Ansari, Brad Butler, Emily Crane, Haider Ali Jan, Irfan Hassan, Hajra Haider, Asad Hayee, Aliya Iqbal, Shehnaz Ismail, Samina Khan, Naiza Khan, Naila Mehmood, Emaan Mehmood, Karen Mirza, Seher Naveed, Ayesha Omer, Mervyn Quek, Nafisa Rizvi, Muzzumil Ruheel, Munawar Ali Syed, Taimur Suri, Tay Tong, Katelijn Verstraete, Ayub Wali, Chantal Wong, Sasiwimon Wongjarin, Maxa Zoller, Sohail Zuberi


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