Ambreen Channa

It is being nature of human to get inspiration since beginning to get way to success in the same manner; I got inspired by many renowned personalities since childhood. As an artist, I show my affiliation by mingling my self with their personalities to define me and tried to show them through me as my inspiration.
I choose to paint my get ups of personalities in which few accessories were used like zip, hooks and thread to support the concept. These accessories are used in costumes and costumes are worn to cover up and to have another identity.
Intentionally or unintentionally we perceive the reflection of inspired ones on us. In my painting (Rana, Balla, and parveen) these reflection are shown.
My few paintings are painted in over lapped form on the poster to show my affiliation towards the celebrities. As many people show their affiliation by putting their favorite celebritie’s poster on room wall.
After the treatment of painting on poster, I thought to treat mine and Celebritie’s Portrait in overlapped form on poster, directly treated on computer in the form of digital print.
Along with oil on canvas, I explored other surface like panaflex worked with mixed media as well.
I made few drawing too, which support my concept.
In my painting and drawings, the celebrities which I choose include politicians, singers, film actresses, Artist, social worker TV Artist and Reformers.

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