Asim Butt

'I paint because it allows me to stare shamelessly,to be able to flesh out an idea, emotion, or commit to an image a shadow of the world around me,

I paint because there’s a spillover of energy within that must find form or else it will haunt and twist me.

I paint to commit an act of magic and pleasure, for myself, for the love of my audience, and for an abstract notion of my muse’s gaze.

I paint to validate my Self and to discover surprises within and without.i paint as penance for my inadequacies.

I paint to understand the world around me and to own and disown what I desire or dislike in it.

I paint as a political act: to express my power over power larger than myself.

I paint to create what it is I want to see, to fill an absence in the world.

I paint in conversation with other images, words and music that require comment, critique or tribute’.

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