Ayesha Naveed



My work is self referential; it mirrors my concerns, my situation and positioning in life .The work is a reaction to and has risen out of the different environments in which I function; domestic, work –related and social. The mannequin used in the process, is a reflection of the self, portraying various roles that I need to take on due to the changes in my spaces, both physical and psychological. The portrayal of these roles has been articulated with the help of dressing up in different attires and its documentation in the form of photographic images.

It is the layering of these multiple identities that is responsible for the layering found in the work and its process.

The images evolved also talk about the dislocation one feels within the body because of the multiplicity of these roles.

My interest lies in the usage of diverse mediums hence the language of expression is a mélange ranging from drawing & painting to constructing specific surfaces, as well as using digital photographic images.

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