Aziz Hasan

am a self taught artist and have been painting since childhood. I had quite an exposure to international art work at various museums and galleries around the world since my teens. I believe in seeing the world purely from a very optimistic and positive aspect of what life has offered. Destiny takes its own course.

Pressures were none, while painting the peaceful energy of desire to create, which was absorbed by the mind, was so intoxicating that time flew by as though one was out off from the world. A flow of naturalness in forming colors around the thought in mind is a feast of visionary impressions. The concentration being on the canvas and the color transforming your intensity of emotion to flow from your soul to create more space to accommodate new incoming energy This inflow of various kinds of energy comes from God-made and man-made things in life. And the textures formed that appear seem like a creation by divinity.

Every incident, impression, feeling of emotions of any kind, coincidences, events and omens - all leaves an impact on your mind and soul Experiences along with quality of lessons are learned and ignored form the nature of a human being. The consciousness is dominating or the unconscious mind is dealing with the world, implementing its decision through the conscious awareness and making it feel the decision is from the mind.

It is the freedom of expression, which is just like life and not really abstract. It is the conflict between what was supposed to be or is supposed to be like this or that. We relate to each other keeping in mind a lot of limitations or hardly any limitations depending upon the trust, belief and commonness of thoughts, which connect you to the other soul. It is a force or power, which is a reflection of your unconscious and instinct.

An abstract or reality painting always relays a message so individual that every mind has its own perception of either relating to it or not. Or some are just stuck in the middle of deciding what is being depicted is accordingly being read its entire honesty or tainted with judgmental attributes.

Colors of life, which are numerous, cannot be accumulated on one canvas on1y. The combinations of different experiences or what you are going through are transferred in different forms of expressions, not only on canvas, but in poetry, prose, and reality as well.

The question now arises. What will happen in the next period of my work? The answer is a constant emergence of new aesthetic problems conjuring up from my recent configuration of nonfigurative images. It is with persistence that new images will emerge as I go along. It is indeed a great challenge in a long journey which I hope I will meet.

"In art and love, one is alone"

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