Caryn Frank

Though I work as deliberately as I can, consciously employing techniques, my unconscious is the undisputed project manager. Bringing out my thoughts onto the surface gives me utter satisfaction and fills me with a sense of integrity and accomplishment. When I work I like there to be an element of intimacy between me and my work, I try to keep things simple.
I don’t make a physical representation of my thoughts until I haven’t felt it fully. Its only when an experience is complete then I pour it out. The decision of choosing a material depends on the availability, finances and my mood. I go through the entire process in my head and if it seems good there then it ought to be a physical manifestation of it.
My earlier works were more like a personal diary but this time I intend to imitate newspapers. Something that everyone reads from and makes their own assumptions and assessments. My recent work depicts scenes from daily life, simple, ordinary scenes that we tend to overlook. What I wish to do is to bring out the beauty in the suffocation of these spectacles.

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