Faseeh Saleem


My previous works have been based on a self journey inspired by my childhood playthings, experiences, particularly my family’s army background and my personal short stint as a civil engineering cadet. I tried to critically analyze, how far this variety of backgrounds contributed towards the evolution of my personality. One tends to carry the load of his background for a long time, however the mental development and outlook on various aspects of life tends to be refined through ones associations and nature of work.

Our society has its peculiar socio-religious, socio-psychological and cultural composition. Individuals have to survive, prosper and accomplish their aim struggling through the quorms and expectations. It is a great accomplishment to be able to surmount some of the prejudices of our society.

Propagation is a natural phenomena, most healthy couples experience. Unfortunately Infertility leads to upsetting a woman’s normal life and exposes her to unimaginable consequences with peculiar ramifications. Notwithstanding the fact that certain inadequacies may not be treatable, the daughter of Eve is held responsible, hence domed. My observations about the agony that several women have gone through due to Infertility have compelled me to express my feelings on this social dilemma.

I am striving, through giving an optically convincing proof for the existence of this reality. One should assign oneself the authority to grab every chance as there exist boundless potential, success and prosperity in life beyond.

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