Fatima Saeed

I am proud to say that I was brought up in a family of artists. Their influence ranged from painting to designing space, from eastern classical music to calligraphy-the inclination came naturally to me. Now, as a professional practicing artist, I feel blessed for the constant encouragement in those early years, which fueled my interests and resulted in my career development through Art education. Being a fine art graduate and taking up Printmaking as a specialist subject was a result of my fascination with the technical aspects of this discipline. The freedom and room for experimentation that one experiences while developing an image present physical and intellectual challenges that have been so rewarding for me to encounter.

I have been actively involved with the issues concerning identity, whether it is my own face that I am working with or tracing historical perspective through old family photographs. Coming to terms with the changes that one faces in life, I try to simplify complex issues through layers and create transparency. Text and stamps, on the other hand, remain a constant element in my work.

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