Habib Phulpoto


The Repitition of Dialouges: Dialogues are important source of communication, we use many dialogues in our routine life, and there are lots of words which we repeat again and again. In those dialogues, the repetition was interesting for me. I started to work on those repetitions by using different compositions of overlapping text, with different mediums like graphite pencil and brush (Miniature Qalam) on sketchbook, glazed boxboard sheet and wasli(4 layered). I’ve also used tracing paper with ink pen for its transparent illusion. Words like Ada (brother), Pakistan,and some sentences even the names of some renowned Artists were repeated in the dialogues, as I noticed their repetition like overlapping.

During work I thought that like words, there are many surrounding 3D objects relating with me which I daily see and pencile, chair and my studio's key.This variation is connected with my previous text work in an indirect manner, because sometimes we communicate with them also, and It’s a line which gives a form to text and objects, that’s why I have drawn and composed randomly different objects in out line.

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