Hamida Khatri


‘With words, you can say anything. You can lie as long as the day, but you cannot lie in the recreation of an experience’, Louise Bourgeois.

The battle between the conscious and the subconscious have long existed since Sigmund Freud popularised psychoanalytical theories. It is essential to say that personality development is the outcome of significant traumatic occurrences during the early years of a person’s life. Such experiences are embedded into the neuron system. Overtime conflicts between the conscious and the subconscious result in mental disturbances enabling psychological resistance.

My work is a journey, a road leading towards the unconscious land where dreams are a mystery, experiences are the pages of a notebook, and existence is a surreal drama. It is an archive of the subjective past. The psychoanalytical perception of being is not stated in words but grotesque imagery.

Moreover, the in focus subject of my work is the female body, which to me is an emotional baggage destined to physical transformations. Such changes are internally driven by the sensitivity of those emotions uncontrollably needing to express its way out. There lies a mutative sensibility towards those struggling moments. I, however, capture those moments and depict it through my art practice.

The process of expressing such moments is a meditative habit; a way of tracing back to the unclaimed territory.

Misogyny, a term majorly used in Greek literature, walks into the domains of my work where women are subject to objectification, hence victimized within the social construct. Its amazing how Aristotle described a female: an incomplete male or as it were a deformity.

Hence, my work is conceived from a general emotive state of being a female, inducing the energy towards shaping large-scale figurative drawings, puppetry sculptures, and illustrations. It is a self-therapeutic journey, a battle leading towards the amalgamation of intrinsic and extrinsic feministic valuesresulting in independent sublime narratives.


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