Manisha Jiani


During the formation of something, many things go through deformation. Sometimes, this deformation is more appealing than the formation. My work deals with the process of the formation and deformation of lines.
We mostly think that we need a lot to express ourselves in a better way, sometimes this act makes the things complex. Although a simple strong element with its full strength can also be a better option for expressing our thoughts and feelings. Due to my illness I used to get irritated by surroundings mostly and this thought led me to draw a hard line on my sketch book to calm myself. As I turned over the page after drawing the line, I found the impression of that line, it was quite amazing for me that actually the line was not there but still I could feel its existence, then I draw the line with empty ball point pen on wasli (four layered sheet) because I was thinking that wasli is a hard sheet and it can easily bear the pressure of lines I wanted to draw. I made three to four compositions of lines in this manner. As I was forming the hard lines, one of my wasli’s got damaged and the straight lines lost their form. Miniature painting is a very delicate work from making of wasli to the style of rendering; everything is supposed to be super fine. So this kind of wasli is never acceptable in miniature painting, even in our routine life we mostly reject the deformed objects and prefer things in the perfect form, but this deformation had more beauty than the fine lines composition I made before. After that I continued with these formed and deformed lines. I used the needle (printmaking tool) also to get the scratched effect of lines.
In my work I have concentrated on visual appeal to support my idea about the beauty of deformations. I have also focused on the existence of line in our life. Everything follows line somehow. In my compositions I’ve used different formats like script, falling drops of rain, style of rendering in miniature painting, cityscape etc which follow the lines and are also linked with my life.

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