Moira Plair

Each moment in our lives has its own altering presence. It defines our interactions and who we change to be and what we will become; no matter how subtle the differences may be, they are still always there. When the impressions left by these moments take form. They help create a self awareness, never before witnessed. So to myself, my work starts on a very personal note. But this fact is not reflective in the work. As far as mediums are concerned, there is not much restriction I place upon myself. Though my specialization is in painting, digital media and sculpture also form a portion of my work.

My work has gone through a number of different phases, each phase seemingly self-determinatory, with no apparent connection with the rest. It was only later that the links between each phase became apparent. I have always had interests in the human body, but they never seems to manifest selves in my work; whether anatomically or in relation to illness or medication. As when exploring my interests in reflective objects and domestic spaces, it beckoned me to question the human mind as a domestic space, and in turn became my subject of study. That I became interested in dimensions, in relation to the human brain. The human brain is of great interest to me, not only due to its physical appearance or the pattern it dictates, but also a number of different things; the mind, the thoughts, the individual identities and so forth. Even though I was dealing with a single aspect of the body, the color palette varied a great deal; from very bright, lively and clean colors to darker more richer colors. As I was dealing with depiction of a part of the body, the medical profession could not be excluded; as through it the portrayal of the organ seemed more appropriate. The medical perspective of the body has given me more possibilities.

My work now orbits around the different aspects of the medical profession; as it is vital part of our lives. My work seeks to show this dependency on medication; not only due to illness but also due to the compulsive behavior that has developed in our age to constantly consume medication. I am drawing parallels between medication and candy, though they are very contrasting parts of our consumption. Medication is based on chemical combinations, but the side affects are rarely known; this too is something I am tackling I my work.

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