Nosheen Iqbal

Transformation plays a key role in one’s life. We transform physically and pass through a lot of changes, and along with that our personalities change with time. We learn from the changes around us as we are a part of a certain system that we live in. The system changes and so do we transform with it we acquire and we adapt according to these changes. Nature does it all the time, adapts the changes and transforms. Likewise, thoughts and ideas also change. They transform according to the time. Art does the same; it also transforms .we live in a world surrounded by machines, wires and gadgets, not to forget the massive concrete jungle. We made these and now we have adapted the changes they have brought along with them. My work clearly speaks of this transformation. So changing the course of a traditional painting I put in my work what surrounds me mostly, machines. And the simplest yet complicated form of a machine I find is a watch. And besides miniature painting went through a lot of transformation itself during the last few decades. and I think its not a bad thing to acquire a change around us and transform according to it.

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