Rabia Zuberi

It is the source of inspiration that compels ideas to materialize. We are the product of our circumstances, social, economic and political. My basic inspiration comes from the ambient circumstances

Retrospection at my work lets me conclude that there have been different phases of progress of my work. In early era of sculpture till mid of sixties the idea took its strength from the great innocence of infants and the universal mother love; the forms came up were under subject matter of mother & child infants & animals. After migrating to Pakistan there came another perspective of feelings and experiences, another phase started to respond to the circumstantial realities & uncertainties. Through the wide of human figures most delicate private feelings have been expressed which are actually abstract and immaterial. Most significant period to come next is the deep study and research into human form for its beauty. The elements of investigation are delicacy of texture, rhythmic beauty of posture, continuity of line and weight. The labour series appeared with same characteristics with its individuals and groups of figures, the homage to the dignity of labour, strength, grace and beauty of human figure. The eminent element of Expression “Human Figure” remains there to have deep interaction with design as an element of sculpture, resulting in deep cut decorated surfaces.

One of my current themes is related to the concept of drapery (Dopatta), which is the most important convention of woman’s dress in our indo-Islamic culture. The cultural element of drapery-helped manifest a form of dynamic character the interpretation of the concept of drapery in these figural forms presents drapery as an integral part of woman being. A number of works relating to this period are done in drawing, painting, collage and relief. The conditions existing around us, as said before, play great role to set our vision, ideas, one can’t escape to keep one’s work unaffected.

Latest area of my work portray, the unfortunate circumstances in Sindh especial in Karachi, influenced my vision directly, “quest of peace” came into being in result, the loss, the emptiness, the sorrows, protest and demand for peace are the constituents of the feeling under which these images came in to being. “Art is an intimate expression of the creator’s soul and expresses the unique experience of individual artist”

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