Raju G.C

I have always had humorous and paradoxical notions about the images I represent. My works employ ‘iconoclastic gestures’, which involves ‘defacement’ of various images in order to obtain ‘refaced’ images. As part of the working process, I appropriate, disturb and manipulate images that are assumed to be simple, naïve, sacred and ideal despite their socio-political and cultural assertions. The result of the manipulative process is distortion, disorder and disintegration.

Duplication, repetition, juxtaposition, deformation and overlapping are recurring visual strategies in my work. These processes and interventions impart qualities of movement, ambiguity and aggressiveness. When I disfigure an image, the end product is something quite distorted, fragmented and far removed from the ‘original’ image.

Raju G. C. 2009

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