Saher Shah Rizvi

Personal Statement My environment and surroundings motivates my work. My recent work revolves around the idea of hair.
Hair - human or animal - represents the female in my work. For me, everything seems perfect in its place but once we change its position or context, the entire idea is changed. We are used to watching hair in our routine life but if we change their placement, the entire meaning will change.

Many writers, poets and artists have done their work on hair. My interpretation of hair, in this body of work comes from composing it with different things, creating multiple meanings from it. Everyone has their own way of thinking and generating ideas. I want everyone to understand and respond to my work according to their ideas and views. When we compose two apparently unrelated things with each other they create more meanings. Through my work I want to make people think how paintings and visual language influence different people according to their life experiences, belief systems and educational background.

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