Sana Arjumand

Have we become so numb that we have forgotten how to celebrate the smaller things in life?

Why has celebration of life and identity become such a far fetched idea?

Why do we have to be insecure about our selves in dealing with issues of this era, such as globalization and modernism.

I do believe that it is not possible to forget who we are. It is embedded in our conscience. If we embrace what we are today it is more likely to stay.

My work has been produced in a now ancient medium, oil paints, I paint the flag which is almost 59 years old combined with the Pakistani female of today. It’s a combination of what is, was and going to be. Like we are. The Pakistani people have become restricted to think out of the box. we put limitations and boundaries everywhere. I do believe that things need to be dealt with certain kind of lightness. The positive side is over looked leaving us with the negative.

My paintings are a celebration of who I am, and what our leader taught, about living, believing and seeking.

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