Sana Dar

As a Pakistani woman who is part of a generation spawned off media, my art practice relates to issues that we deal with on a daily basis. It talks about the influences of an ever-growing, experimental media and how it has shaped my contemporaries, my peers and myself.

Presently my work is primarily text based—its implementation, both personal as well as media influenced. The themes deal with how people are manipulated by the media and how as viewers we just fail to see beyond a certain prescribed image because of the over use of particular visuals, words, letters or phrases. In my art practice, I shed light on such topics and talk about how these issues cease to make an impression on us these days because their use has become so widespread that we are inundated with the same messages repeatedly. Some of my works relates to a continuous preoccupation with image rather than context that is perpetuated through an over engrossment with the world of media. I feel that as viewers we just transcribe meaning to the image or the text in a preconceived context, thereby perpetuating a cognitive culture that refuses to think outside the box.

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