Sehrish Amir

"As I grow with my work, my focus and purpose becomes more defined, adding a greater compassion and drive to not only my art, but my life. My painting is born of emotional and visual impact. It reflects excess energy that flows spontaneously and intuitively on canvas in a feast of colors coordinating themselves almost unconsciously. I work very fast, without hesitation as guided by an inner vision.

My subject matter is mainly focused on the environment where I usually include a body of water to represent its importance in my life. The symbol of water – normally has a very positive and uplifting association – that of cleansing, both physical and spiritual, but has a contradictory value when placed in this context. In short it is a study of symbolic dualities. I want my paintings to tell a story.

My paintings are influenced by the many environments I have experienced throughout my life. From my childhood memories I had an attraction for symbols. Spiritual and religious themes also often permeate my work.

Finally, to me painting is an introspective trip. It is to discover yourself in all possible ways, to expose one’s imagination, to share dreams with others, to meet. With time, painting has become as indispensable as a second breath, a new dimension. It has brought beauty to my life.

I choose my subjects to what delights and captures my imagination from local scenes to my first ever memories.

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