Sheherbano Hussain

How we probe matter affects its form and behavior; flashes of visionary acuity reveal the metaphysical meaning of things and help us better understand the relationship between our inner and outer world. Access to such elusive moments of truth can be gained through the creative process.

Currently working in a mixed-media language, I paint images using both personal and archetypal symbols to depict psychological and emotional states. The medium of collage allows greater flexibility and immediacy, allowing the juxtaposition of different influences, ranging from art history and mythology to science fiction and chaos theory.

For me, art making is a spiritual activity and a means of exploring the essence of being. Images are the seed of creation and what our imagination supplies is a fresh angle, a new way of seeking solutions. The nature of my work, therefore, is determined by the unfolding of life transforming events and insights. In this way, artistic endeavor becomes a tool for personal evolution.

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