Syed Hassan Mujtaba

Common and familiar references of my close spaces and surroundings which I experience on regular basis seem to interest me deeply. It is simple and straight-forward for me to understand my environment and question it. In my previous work I have played with images of places like the Punjab Assembly Hall, ‘To Let’ from billboards etc.

In the new body of work I am interested in the idea of the ‘institution’ and take the ‘primary school’ as a metaphor for it. I address the confinement of an individual in an institution. Having been a student myself, and gone through the oppressive atmosphere I have been inspired to speak from personal experiences. During the process of making this body of work, I visited numerous schools during school hours and captured certain school environments, events and moments – the morning assemblies, participatory actions in class, extra curricular and recess activities. For me these are ‘actual’ physical spaces and ‘living’ activities. My recent work come along with digital media such as digital prints on water color paper (Somerset paper), video projection on two walls facing each other and stop motion animation based on hundreds of images of children playing in school play ground and running on a LCD screen.

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