Nusra Latif Qureshi


Rasheed Araeen (1935) is a London-based distinguished artist and cultural theorist. Trained as an engineer, he has been working as a visual artist since his arrival in London from Pakistan in late 1960s. His artistic activity has been complemented since 1987 by the groundbreaking publication of Third Text. Third World Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture. He has been among the first cultural practitioners to voice since the early 70s the need of artists of African, Latin American and Asian origins to be represented in British cultural institutions. His visionary and idealistic approach allowed him to shape his ideas through a number of different media. He, in fact, curated exhibitions; initiated and published a number of journals (among which, besides the afore mentioned Third Text, there is the 1978 Black Phoenix; produced art installations and community-based artistic projects.

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