Ali Imam

Ali Imam was born in Narsinghpur, India. He graduated from Punjab University in 1949. His first solo was at Rawalpindi in 1952. Later he lived in London from 1956-67. Then he returned to Pakistan. Over a period of time, Ali Imam became an important art educationist in Karachi. He was the architect of the modern curriculum of The Central Institute of Arts and Crafts. In the 1970s he founded the Indus gallery, to create a buyer’s culture in the city where his student and peers could sell art and make it a viable career. With all these preoccupations Ali Imam’s painting career took a back seat. Although he seldom painted, his work remains in great demand. His technique transformed a realistic form into an impressionistic image. Treated with outer layers of white pigment, an even tone of subdued colors defined the costumes and features. He died in 2002.

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