Anna Molka

Prof Anna Molka Ahmed was a famous Pakistani artist and pioneer of fine arts in the country after its coming into being in 1947. She was a professor of fine arts at the University of the Punjab in Lahore. She was born to Jewish parents, in London, UK. Her mother was Polish and father was a Russian. She studied painting, sculpture and design at St. Martin School of Arts, London. After marrying Sheikh Ahmed, a would be Pakistani in October 1939, she converted to Islam. Although, her marriage was over in 1951, but yet she lived in Pakistan with her two daughters. She was awarded Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, the highest civil award for her services in the field of fine arts education in the country.

In 1940, Professor Emeritus Anna Molka Ahmed set up the Department of Fine Arts, now the College of Arts & Design at the University of the Punjab[1] which has now become a center of excellence for Fine Arts in Pakistan. Her students became famous artists in the country and many of them are playing their role globally.

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