Mian Salahudin

Salahuddin works with a diversity of mediums ranging from paper to wood, glass and steel. Clay has been his prime vehicle of expression. A formalist by choice, he represents contemporary sensibilities in his work. choosing traditional forms of pottery, he transforms them into sculptures concerned with form and texture. His work is endowed with the layers of meanings and interpretations. He is a dedicated artist and has been experimenting in various modes of plastic art , often with humour anf irony.

my work never follows any rules. I always follow how my senses have responded to something. I am neither pro nature nor proman made world. I believe it is always better to combine the opposites. I take inspiration from many sources, sometimes it is words which I want to portray through my work.

I am never satisfied with my work, whether it is two dimensional or three dimensional. I feel one can’t stick to any formula because of the rapid changes occurring even in the sensibility and aesthetics. Now I think I have become more and more symbolic and simpler. I have been eiminatingf details and the essence has been emphasised more in my work.

Over the years I have realized that the medium which I use has influenced me the way I react, my temperament, it’s all because of my medium; clay. to me the pleasure of making and joy of what you have achieved is essential. It is a great feeling.”


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