VASL Newsletter Online                                                                                                                              Issue no. 001,  Aug – Sept 2005


Welcome to the pilot Vasl Newsletter aimed primarily for a Pakistani audience, and those interested in contemporary art events in Pakistan.
Through the newsletter we hope you will get an idea of Workshops / Residencies and funding opportunities that exist for Pakistani artists through VASL and the
Triangle Network
. We will also cover activities being initiated by Pakistani artists linked to VASL.
This newsletter is a platform for the practicing Pakistani artist to publicize and share views. It will be circulated on the web,
free of cost and all items aim to lead you to a relevant web page or contact. To access more information, click on the active links below.

We welcome your suggestions, information on events and shows you would like us to add for the next newsletter.

Stay tuned!



1. Khoj India – November/December photography Residency applications invited.
2. Fellowships available at the Vermont Studio Centre, USA

3. Triangle Residency, France
4. AIWA Lebanon (18 September - 6 October 2005)
Thupelo for artists working in all media, Cape Town

1. Connections 1: Taaza Tareen
2. VASL Regional Residency
3. Computer Training for Visual Artist
Network News – Pakistani Artists in the Network
Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings

Art resources and useful links
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Khoj India – November/December Residency has been slated to be a photography residency. Applications invited.

2. Fellowships available at the Vermont Studio Centre, USA
The Vermont Studio Centre offers 4-12 week independent studio residencies year-round. All VSC Residents receive private studio space, food and lodging. In addition to the opportunity for focused, independent work VSC Residents can interact informally with a large and varied community of professional artists and writers as well as through open studio evenings, slide showings, and readings. Fellowships, covering the full cost of a 4 week residency, are available to 50 applicants per year.
Deadline: October 1st 2005

3. Triangle Residency, La Friche, France. La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, is the base for Triangle Arts Trust in France as well as numerous other arts activities. Triangle France's residency programme offers large studio spaces to three artists for three months, ending each residency with a short exhibition
Deadline for applications: ongoing
4 . AIWA, Lebanon (18 September - 6 October 2005) For further details

5. Thupelo call for applications The Thupelo Workshop, now in its 16th year as a Triangle workshop, is holding an open application for artists working in all media to participate from 2nd to 17th December 2005. The workshop brings international and local artists together to make work in an urban setting at the Arts & Media Access Centre, Cape Town. Pakistani artists need to provide travel costs and specialist art materials, but all other costs are covered and the workshop culminates in an open day.
Further Information
Deadline: 30th September 2005

6.Kara Film Festival Call for entries for the 5th Kara Film Festival to be held in Karachi.
Deadline: August 15th

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Vasl News

1. Connections 1: Taaza Tareen
Vasl organized its first local artists’ residency with 7 young Pakistani artists in April 2005. Artists from Karachi and Lahore worked intensively for 3 weeks and also conducted a workshop with Citizens’ Foundation Schools.
Taaza Tareen artists and The Citizens Foundation program

2.  VASL Regional Residency of South Asian Artists- November 2005
Call for applications from sculptors and artists working in Installation-based art.
Download application form.

3. Computer Training - Vasl is going to start in-house training for basic computer skills and photoshop for visual artists. More details to follow.

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Network News - Pakistani artists in the network and beyond



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Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings


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Newsletter edited by Naiza Khan, Auj Khan and Sohail Zuberi
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