VASL Newsletter Online                                                                                                               Issue no. 002,  OctDec 2005


Welcome to the 2nd issue of Vasl Newsletter online! The newsletter is aimed primarily for a Pakistani audience, and lists  contemporary art events and news in Pakistan.
The newsletter features Workshops / Residencies and funding opportunities that exist for Pakistani artists through VASL and the
Triangle Network. Look out for the latest on Pakistani artists as we list the latest developments and art projects on the go through the network!
This newsletter is a platform for the
practicing Pakistani artist to publicize and share views. It is circulated on the web, free of cost and all items aim to lead you to a relevant web page or contact. To access more information, click on the active links below.

We welcome your suggestions, information on events and shows you would like added to this platform.



1. VASL International Workshop February 2006
VASL International Residency March 2006
WSF World Social Forum
Bhopal Print Biennale 2006

Maati Studio Gallery
Farah Mahbub - Photography Workshop
Triangle Residency, France
7. SAVAC -
Call for Short Film and Video

1.  VASL Regional Residency

 Artists in the network and beyond
1. Munawar Ali Syed at The Braziers, Silsbury, UK
 Adeela Suleman, Jakarta Biennale, Malaysia
3. Rahsid Rana, Bani Abidi, Masooma Syed,Hema Upadhyay at the Fukuoka, Japan
4. Ayesha Khan's Mosaic Art Internship, UK
5. Auj Khan
AIWA, Lebanon
6. Naiza H. Khan at the Ifa, Berlin
7. Imran Qureshi at the Karkhana, USA
Navin Hyder at Gasworks, UK
9. Gordon Cheung at the BALTIC, UK

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VASL International Workshop February 2006
Applications are invited from artists for the VASL workshop.
Workshop dates: 9th - 23rd February 2006
Application deadline: 15th November 2005
Visit to download application form

2. VASL International Residency March 2006
Applications are invited from artists for the VASL residency
Residency dates: 1st March - 2nd April 2006
Application deadline: 16th December 2005
Visit to download application form

WSF World Social Forum
“Not for Sale” World Social Forum Art Exhibit
Karachi will host the WSF polycentric meeting in January 2006.
Deadline for submitting artwork: December 15, 2005 .
Contact: Saima Zaidi at

3. Bharat Bhavan International Biennale of  Print- Art 2006, Bhopal
November 10, 2005  for more information:

4. Maati Studio Gallery is a fully equipped ceramic studio which holds regular workshops for enthusiasts. There is also a collection of prints, paintings and sculptures to browse through.
For further information contact Nabahat Lotia at 0300 - 347 6417 or

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5.Farah Mahbub The 6 days workshop is stretched over a period of two weeks and is for anyone interested in improving their photography skills technically and aesthetically.
Dates: November 19-30, 2005
 Location: VM Gallery
Focus: Exploring Different Aspects of Color Photography
Class Limit: 11 - 15
Tuition: Rs. 7,000

6. Triangle Residency, La Friche, France. La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, is the base for Triangle Arts Trust in France as well as numerous other arts activities. Triangle France's residency programme offers large studio spaces to three artists for three months, ending each residency with a short exhibition
Deadline for applications: ongoing

7. SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Collective) is looking for contemporary, independent and innovative short films and videos by artists of South Asian origin from around the world. From subtle abstractions, documentaries to figurative works, the program will reflect the range of current activity and talent by South Asian artists.
Deadline: November 1, 2005 (postmarked)
For further information:

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Vasl News

Vasl Regional Residency
The residency starts on the 8th of November and the artists participating are Abdul Jabbar Gul, Pakistan, Mehmud ur Rehman, Bangladesh, Sunil Sigdel, Nepal, Kausik Mukhopadhyay, India, Shanaathnan, Srilanka. Exhibition information under Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings.

Artists in the network and beyond

1. Munawar Ali Syed at Braziers, Silsbury, UK
Karachi based artist Munawar Ali Syed joined the Braziers International Artists Workshop along with artists from Palestine, Israel, UK, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, USA, France to name a few. He was then offered a five week residency at the Silsbury Group Studios which culminated in a group drawing and installation exhibit.

2.  Adeela Suleman, CP Biennale 2005 , Indonesia
Adeela represented Pakistan at the CP Biennale Jakarta, Indonesia, along with many other participants from Indonesia and outside the region. She gave an artist talk and presented her film at the Biennale.

3. Rahsid Rana, Bani Abidi, Masooma Syed,Hema Upadhyay at the Fukuoka Triennale 2005, Japan
The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005 features these artists from the South Asia along with 19 other countries, under the theme 'Parallel Realities' which carries on till the end of November. The work is exhibited at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum along with works from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and more.

4. Ayesha Khan's Mosaic Art Internship, UK
Ayesha Khan recently completed her 3 month internship in Mosaic Art at the
Paul J.Mark's Studio, Greenwich, UK. Her training required her to spend working on public sites, installing mosaic projects on walls and floors. Her study was supported by The Charles Wallace Fellowship Trust Award 2005 sponsored by the British Council.

5. Auj Khan at AIWA, Lebanon
AIWA, First International Triangle Arts Workshop (Aley) in Lebanon invited artists from Iran, Mexico, Turkey, UK, China, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Germany and Pakistan.It was co-coordinated by artists Ghassan Maasri, Tamara Al Samerraei and Gill Ord from the Braziers; culminated into an open day and later presentations and talks by the artists in Beirut.

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6. Naiza H. Khan at the Ifa, Berlin
Naiza Khan shows her works at the  exhibition "Layers of Time and Space" at Ifa-Galleries, Berlin. Other artists showing are
Hamra Abbas, Sarnath Banerjee, Bharti Kher, Shahzia Sikander, Farhana Syeda.

7. Imran Qureshi at the Karkhana, USA
Karkhana: A Contemporary Collaboration at the The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum features a series of works by six miniature artists from Pakistan; Aisha Khalid, Hasnat Mehmood, Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Talha Rathore, and Saira Wasim. The exhibition co curated by Hammad Nasr is open to the public from October 16th to March 12th

8. Navin Hyder at Gasworks, UK
Karachi based painter Navin Hyder leaves to join the Gasworks Studios UK November 2005.During her residency she will also run a textiles based education project with the textile artist Danica Maier. She commences  with a talk at the beginning of November and an open studio at the end of her residency.

9. Gordon Cheung at the BALTIC, UK
Gordon selected to show at the
British Art Show 6 at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art British Art Show 6 is co curated by Alex Farquharson and Andrea Schlieker and features selected works in all media including painting, sculpture, installation, film, video and performance - made by fifty artists and artists groups over the last five years. Gordon participated in the Vasl International Residency 2003 and to see more of his work visit

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Newsletter edited by Naiza Khan, Auj Khan and Sohail Zuberi
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