VASL Newsletter Online                                                                                                                                                     Issue no. 003,  JanMarch 2006

We are happy to welcome you to the 3rd Issue of the VASL Newsletter Online! The opportunities listed in this issue are hot!!
It’s been a packed three months with Vasl’s Regional Residency, ARTshare at the Commune, Something Purple Media Art from
Pakistan in Hong Kong and art professionals and curators visiting Pakistan.

Alnoor Mitha and Fareda Khan of Shisha Uk, along with eleven other professionals from UK toured the art and craft landscape of Pakistan. Yamini Mehta from the Christies, NewYork and Ganieve from Christies, Mumbai also met up with galleries, collectors and artists.

This newsletter also brings to you the artists selected for our Second International Workshop in Gadani. Applications have been pouring in steadily and it’s been tough to shortlist the participants!

Pakistani Diaspora addition that we have made for this issue is an effort to bridge the gap between home and ‘pardes’!

We are in the process of archiving artists’ data through the VASL website. This will be a useful database for information on contemporary artists in Pakistan.

The newsletter is aimed primarily for a Pakistani audience, and lists contemporary art events and news in Pakistan. To brief our new subscribers, the newsletter lists Workshops / Residencies and funding opportunities that exist for Pakistani artists through VASL and the Triangle Network. The aim of the newsletter is also to serve as a platform for the practicing Pakistani artist to flash and share views. It is circulated on the web, free of cost and all items lead you to a relevant web page or contact by just a click on the active links below.

We welcome your suggestions for information and events.



Residency at the Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Copenhagen
 The Rijksakademie
, Amsterdam
3. Braziers,
4.173 Lilliput Ceramics Exhibition,
5. Commune, Artist Studios and Open Days,

Ceramics Residency with Kristine Michael at IVSAA, Karachi
Second International Artists Workshop, Gadani, Karachi
International Artists Residency,
Artists Pages, Vasl database for artists,
Something Purple, Media Art from Pakistan at the Commune, Hong Kong
The Commune, ARTshare, Karachi
7. Cultural Transformations,
Karachi, Lahore and UK

Artists in the network and beyond
Navin Hyder Gasworks open studio, UK
Bani Abidi Commonwealth Show, Australia
Naiza H Khan at the Chemould, Mumbai, India and Swansea Print Workshop, UK
Amin Gulgee Gallery, Body and Calligraphy Show, Karachi
Usman Ghauri, Meher Afroze and Naheed Raza at the Sanjan Nagar UK Auction 

Pakistani Diaspora

1. Miniature Art at the Green Cardamom UK

2. Hamra Abbas to be featured in Contemporary Magazine

3. Shazia Sikander: Nemesis at MAM, NY

Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings
Art resources and useful links
Text & Articles



1.     Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, in Copenhagen, are cooperating with NIFCA to offer a new artist-in-residence
open to international artists. Situated near the centre of Copenhagen, the Fabrikken has a 1,000 square
hall for large scale construction, and offer the possibility of working in photography, wood, iron, textiles,
stereographic, and ceramics.The Factory houses artists of all disciplines including designers, set-designers, magazine
editors, web-designers. Deadline for applications: ongoing.
For further information

2.   The Rijksakademie is an international meeting place, production and research platform for young emerging artists
from all over the world. Deadline for applications:
1 February 2006

3.     Braziers, UK is an annual workshop that brings together up to 30 artists of all nationalities for 16 days to work, exchange dialogue and experiment in a way that is mutually beneficial. Deadline for applications: 25 Feb 2006

4.  173 Lilliput Ceramics Exhibition - Croatia
The organizer expects the participation of about 500 artists from over 100 countries, which will, in number of participating
countries make this the largest exhibition of art ceramics ever held. Email for application form and details.,

5.     Commune, Artists Colony , Artist Studios and Open Days, Karachi
The Commune starts its weekly open house from the 27th of December,
5 pm to 8 pm. Every Tuesday the commune will welcome
artists and others to use Commune as a gathering space for creative activity. The commune also will provide artists with studios
on rent in their upcoming schedule. For their mailing list and details email Raania Durrani at;

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Vasl News

1.  Ceramics Residency with Kristine Michael at IVSAA, Karachi
Ceramist, Kristine Michael, will be visiting from Delhi for a three-week Research Residency set up by VASL at IVSAA.
Kristine will be conducting a public lecture at the IVSAA about her work and ceramics in
India at the end of January.
Kristine is
currently completing the manuscript of a scholarly research publication “The Empire and Indian Craft – Cultural Studies in Indian ceramic practice 1850-1900’ under the India Foundation for the Arts Craft documentation project. Also working on a manuscript for Mr Alkazi of the Art Heritage called ‘Ceramic Gurus’ focusing on the development of the studio pottery movement in India by closely studying the lives of six of the pioneering potters. Work in public collections of Cartwright Hall, Bradford, UK - The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA -British Council, UK, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.    

2. The Second International Artists Workshop at Gadani, Karachi will commence on February 9th to 25th 2006
   Participating artists

International Artists                                Pakistani Artists

Entang Wiharso, Indonesia                    Hamra Abbas, Berlin/Lahore
Alak Roy, Bangladesh                           Masooma Saeed, Lahore
Navjot Altaf, India                               Jamil Baloch, Lahore                             
Richard Kimati, Kenya                          Auj Khan,Karachi
Awena Cozannet, France                      Mohammad Zeeshan,Lahore
Beate Terfloth, Germany                       Sheherbano Hussain, Karachi
Khusrow Hassanzadeh, Iran                   Mahreen Zuberi, Karachi
Hani Alkam, Jordan                              Nahid Raza, Karachi
Samuel Shih, Taiwan                            Naseer Ahmed, Karachi
Pradeep Chandrasaree, Sirilanka             Arif Mehmood, Karachi (to be confirmed)
Christina Mackie, UK                             Moin Faruqi, Karachi (to be confirmed)
The Workshop Open Day is on the 25th of February at Gadani.

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3.     VASL International Artists Residency, March 1-8 of April 2006, Karachi
Participating artists for the residency are Stephanie Dachary, France, Samuel Shih, Taiwan, Christina Mackie, UK.
Pakistani participant to be confirmed.

4.     Artists’ Pages, Vasl database for artists.
VASL is starting an archive for contemporary Pakistani artists January onwards! The pages will feature artists’ works and their details. Each artist will have access for updating these pages through a simple training session at the Vasl office. For appointments please email us soon on

     The Commune, Hong Kong, Something Purple; Media Art from Pakistan. Adeela Suleman at the VASL workgroup and Shing Yi Yang from Hong Kong helped initiate this space to space collaboration. This was a substantial representation of artists from Pakistan working in electronic media shown in Hong Kong.

      VASL ARTshare at the Commune, was a well attended collaborative event where the Regional Residency artists
introduced their work. Three Pakistani Artists who have done International Residencies in the Triangle Network also made
presentations and shared their residency experience at the event.

     Regional Residency 2005 This year, our international residency program focused on South Asia! VASL invited three
artists from
Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Sunil Sigdel from Nepal, Mahmudur Rahman from Bangladesh and
Abdul Jabbar Gull

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Artists in the network and beyond

1.     Navin Hyder, Open Day at Gasworks Navin Hyder and other Gasworks artists launched an education project with Lambeth
called the 3rd Gasworks Billboard and Social Fabric at the Gasworks open studio on the 3rd of December.
The open studio was perfect because it had no pressure of an exhibition_ no pressure to make complete "finished" work; but,
rather, it gave people a chance to see my work in progress and to get some kind of feedback.
Navin Hyder.

2.      Bani Abidi at the Commonwealth, NGV, Australia Bani exhibits her videos at the 2006 Contemporary Commonwealth show
that takes place at the National Gallery of Victoria in
Melbourne in Feb 2006. The show consists of 20 artists, 10 of which are
Australians and 10 from representative Commonwealth countries.

3.     Naiza H Khan at the Chemould Gallery, Mumbai, India and Swansea Print Workshop
Naiza H Khan will show her recent paintings and drawings at a solo exhibition at Chemould Gallery. The show is titled Bare the fact- Bear the fact’
Swansea Print Workshop, Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers, opening on 14 January 2006.,

4.     Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, Body and Calligraphy Show Two shows, "Body" and "Calligraphy" are being curated by
 Amin Guljee and Sheherbano Hussain. 34 Artists from across
Pakistan have been selected for both shows.  The work will span different
 media, film, sculpture, photography, painting, installation works. The shows are scheduled for early to mid March.

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5.     Cultural Transformations Project, Karachi, Lahore and UK This project initiated by Clio Lloyd Jacob during her VASL Residency last year, was worked over the year to bring together the collaborative flip books created by artists in UK and Pakistan. The flip books were paired up through the medium of video animation and resulted in a complex and rich fusion of images and text. A video conferencing session was set up at the British Council in Karachi, London and Lahore. The animation was shown as part of the art exhibition at the Kara Film Festival, Karachi.

6.  Sanjan Nagar Auction, UK
Usman Ghauri ,Meher Afroze, Naheed Raza amongst others were at the prestigious Lords Cricket Ground Baal Auction. Their works were auctioned alongside a dinner evening to raise funds for education.,

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Pakistani Diaspora


1.   Green Cardamom is an arts organization working with artists in the early stages of their international careers. They collaboratively
with museums and galleries bringing the work of these artists to a global audience through exhibitions and publications.
Their particular
focus is on artists from
South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.
"But Where Are You Really From?"Works by Faiza Butt and Naeem Rana,A visual riff on faith and identity: the first part of a three-
exhibition series, titled ‘It's Still Hard Being British’
December 2, 2005 - February 5, 2006.Guest curated by Hammad Nasar for Cartwright Hall, Bradford


2. Hamra Abbas will appear in a special annual edition of the high profile art magazine 'Contemporary', which has selected 50 emerging international artists and include Hamra.


3. Shazia Sikander: Nemesis at MAM, NY
Her show titled Nemesis is on at the Miami Art Museum, New York Gallery, till the january 10th.The exhibition includes a suite of graphite and ink works on paper, entitled 51 Ways of Looking that incorporate Sikander’s vocabulary of images and forms drawn from miniature painting traditions found in both Hindu and Muslim cultures with information and imagery from a variety of sources.

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Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings


January:      Iqbal Hussain    5th Thursday
                               Wahab Jaffer     24th Tuesday
February:   Nahid’s Choice   16th Thursday
                  Exhibition of 5 young artists curated by Nahid Raza
                  Mansoor Saleem, Qurat, Yildiz, Saschine Akhtar and sculptor Asif                                                                        
March:      Naazish Ataullah 16th Thursday

January:     Emerging Talent, 9th Monday
                   Japanese Poster Exhibition (To be confirmed)
February:   Group Show from Islamabad 7th Tuesday
                   Shakira Masood Solo   22nd Wednesday

      March:        Zain ul Abedin, Bangladesh, Traveling Show (To be confirmed)

March:        Masood Khan, 3rd week

January:      Mansur Aye, 19th Thursday
February:    Shehzad Zar (Date to be confirmed)
March:         Farrukh Shahab (Date to be confirmed)

· ROHTAS, Lahore

            January:      Ali Raza,  24th Tuesday

      February:     Ruby Chisti, last week; Works in residence with Rohtas.

            March:         Works by Indian female painter Radhike, 12th Sunday
                                Miniatures by Sabina Gillani, 22nd Wednesday


· ROHTAS GALLERY, Islamabad,

· NAIRANG, Lahore,

· GULMOHAR  Karachi, 

· KHAS GALLERY, Islamabad,

February 7th, 2006, Lectures & talk: "Crossing Over" by Beate Terfloth and Hamra Abbas in collaboration with VASL.
February 24th, Lectures & talk: "Dialogue and Discovery through Art in Germany" by Niilofur Farrukh



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Art resources and useful links

This website is a great one for checking out residencies in Japan. 

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Text and Articles

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