VASL Newsletter Online                                                                                                                             Issue no. 005,  July- September 2006



Welcome to yet another HOT issue of VASL Newsletter Online!


VASL this summer, geared much of its efforts towards developing a database for contemporary art and artists in Pakistan. In the past three months around 70 artists from all over Pakistan uploaded their works and profiles in the ‘Artists’ Directory’  on the Vasl website!

This listing of practicing artists on the VASL website is an ongoing effort to give a clear and democratic access to the present face of Pakistani art. It’s hoped that this interface would coherently represent our art and communicate artists’ works and concerns to its local as well as the international eye. View artists at  VASL Artistspages


Responding to the need for documentation and communication of important ideas the VASL website now has a  Critical Text section. It lists selected writings by Durriya Qazi, Quddus Mirza, Salima Hashmi, Amra Ali, Niilofer Farrukh and more. The text pertains to aspects and concerns of contemporary Pakistani art.


Vasl is holding RandomShot 2006 a fund raising event taking place in September 2006.Artists from all over Pakistan will participate by donating works. Proceeds from the raffle will help Vasl maintain its activities!


This year VASL further expands its art ventures by initiating its Online Exhibition Space, called Virtual Vicinity which is its 1st International Exhibition of Digital and Video Art Online. Read more below!


The newsletter is aimed primarily for a Pakistani audience, and lists contemporary art events and news in Pakistan. To brief our new subscribers, the newsletter lists Workshops / Residencies and funding opportunities that exist for Pakistani artists through VASL and the Triangle Network. The aim of the newsletter is also to serve as a platform for the practicing Pakistani artist to flash and share views.  It is circulated on the web, free of cost and all items lead you to a relevant web page or contact by just a click on the active links below.

VASL would like this communication to not be a one-way, but a two-way street!
We welcome suggestions, criticism and information from you!!

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Gallery/Cultural Centre Listings


         August          1st          Sardar Assef Ali  (Painter)

         August          17th          Four Person Miniature Show - Shoaib Mehmeood, Ayesha Durrani, Mehreen Zuberi, Hasnat Mehmood 

         September     5th            Afshar Malik        

         September     21st           Mussarat Mirza


.            July              12th           “Sensibility” Miniature Group Show by Karachi based artists


          July            31st          “256 Shades” Media Art Show: Hong Kong by Adeela Suleman                          


                   September    5th            VASL RandomShot 2006


2.                                                  13th              “W-11” Melbourne to Karachi, show by Wajid Ali (13th Sept 2006 )


          August       16th            Nahid Raza


September    6th               Rokeya Sultan  from Dhaka University