VASLNewsletter Online                                                                                                                            Issue no. 013, August - October 2008



Welcome once more to Vasl online!


We start our season of activities after the summer with 'Six Degrees of Separation' an exhibition in collaboration with our partners in South Asia. On September 4th and 5th, Five exhibitions will be mounted simultaneously in Karachi, Delhi, Dhaka, Colombo and Khatmandu! Together with this, a special project 'Odd Spaces' by New media artist Faisal Anwar, will connect through real time video projections relaying simultaneously in each of the selected locations.
We look forward to this end of the year, with artists and artworks moving to various continents, and cities across Pakistan, exposing some of the strong talent that we have hidden for so long!
For Pakistani art to now move onwards, we need to work as a collective within our small community of artists, writers and offer support and insight, and most of all to nurture the creative process that often gets lost in the process of our individual success!

Naiza H Khan