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Vasl wishes all its viewers a peaceful 2009!

The closing of 2008 was a packed with three art residency projects back to back, amidst non-stop geopolitical agitations that wrestle to make all creative and peaceful efforts useless. It is perhaps in these times, that we as a creative body realize all the more, how important a role we play as binding and overriding agents of change and unity.

Increasingly our programming takes into account more crucial aspects within our context, which are inextricable from the bigger factors that surround the South Asian region with its very own unique set of realities. The Diasporics Residency 'Writing home about home ...', 'The Museum of Non-Participation' and the 'Public Art Residency' in Lahore are all investigations in art practice within Pakistan as well as about questions linked to the global reality.

With our newsletter we feel proud to keep all our readers abreast with the amazing opportunities such as the curatorial program in Amsterdam and useful information for artists and professionals, that are geared within and outside Pakistan. The growth and heights are becoming hard to keep a track of just within a couple of years and we hope that the best is only yet to come. Hang in there and do spend the year with us and the art as it happens, warm wishes Vasl team.

Auj A Khan, Mahreen Zuberi, Naiza H Khan, Adeela Suleman, Seema Nusrat, Hassan Mustafa and Uwais A Khan.


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Gasworks, Charles Wallace, Rangoonwala Award 2009 UK

Vasl Taaza Tareen IV, Karachi 2009

Vasl Printmaking International Artists' Residency Pakistan, Karachi, August 2009

Call for applications for Vasl Office Karachi

Call for Proposals for Public Art Projects: Shanakht Project 2009 CAP/Vasl 

Contributions to South Asia Journal for Culture, Vol. 2 - 2009  

Vasl Artists' Page : Call for Registration, Lahore and Islamabad

Commonwealth Art Residency Program 2009

Rijksakademie, Call for Entries: Amsterdam

8th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2009  - Bulgaria

Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition and Exhibition - Japan, Tokyo

"The European Biennial Network" Liverpool, UK

"Curating in the Expanded Field" Curatorial Program 2009-2010, De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

"Residency for Foreign Curator at La Galerie" Paris, France

My Culture + Your Culture = ? Share Your Story! : Global/Online

Call for Submissions: The Third International Biennial of Graphic in The Islamic World, Iran 

DIVA – Artist-in-residence program in Denmark

Pro Helvetia - Artists-in-Residence 2010/ 2011, Switzerland




VASL Lahore, Public Art Residency

VASL 'Writing home about home ...', Karachi

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler at Artangel - Vasl Residency, Karachi

Launch of the South Asia Journal for Culture, Karachi

South Asian Project - Six Degrees Of Separation Exhibition and OddSpaces Project 

Vasl Unilever Collaboration - Media Outreach


Artists in the Network and beyond

Rashid Rana

Naiza H Khan

Adeela Suleman

Hamra Abbas

Shazieh Gorji


Artists In Diaspora

Huma Bhabha

Shazia Sikander


Galleries and Exhibitions

Art resources and useful links

Singapore Biennale 2008 Tour

Art in Review, New York Times: 3 Pakistani Women Artists, Aicon Show NY





Gasworks Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust-Rangoonwala Foundation Residency Award 2009

The Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust, Green Cardamom, Vasl and Gasworks are pleased to announced the fourth edition of the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust – Rangoonwala Foundation Residency Award. This residency is funded by the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust and the Rangoonwala Foundation. Duration: 1st July 2009 - 29th September 2009. Deadline: 31st January 2009.


VASL Taaza Tareen IV, Karachi 2009

VASL is now accepting applications from recent graduates from across Pakistan. Application Deadline: 3rd February 2009

Dates: 21st Feb - 28th March. Please send 12 images of your recent work, artists statement and CV to

For more details visit the website in the future. Download Application form by clicking Here!


Vasl Printmaking International Artists' Residency, Karachi, August 2009

Vasl invites applications from practicing printmakers/artists from Far East, Middle East and Asia. The four week residency is scheduled for 1st week August 2009.Opportunity is open or 3 international and 2 Pakistani Printmakers. Accommodation and stipends will be provided. Deadline: March 31st 2009. Please send your CV and images at . More on website soon

Call for applications: Vasl Office Karachi                                                                                                                  Karachi office welcomes applications for a art-managerial post from business/art n design backgrounds with a work experience of atleast 2 - 3 years within their field. Good opportunity for recent graduates to take up a professional space within the domain of cultural practise and management. Send your CV/contact/queries for an interview at by 16th February 2009.

Call for Proposals for Public Art Projects: Shanakht Project 2009 CAP/Vasl 

Vasl in collaboration with CAP invites proposals for artistic interventions at the Shanakht Festival April 2009, Karachi. The proposals are invited individually or a group of artists who would like take this opportunity to create a public art project around the ideas of history and the making of Pakistan. We are looking for proposals that will be ideas for interactive projects with the public. Deadline: February 15th 2009.More details on the website soon.


Contributions to South Asia Journal for Culture, Vol. 2 - 2009 are now invited                                               The journal is conceived as a regional forum for disseminating and debating ideas across the geographic and national boundaries of South Asia, and beyond.  But its primary intellectual focus will be South Asia.  The journal would not be a mere site for cultural description, but a critical site for debate and engagement with contemporary social theory. It is a refereed journal.  This means that a vigorous peer review process is institutionalized as part of the overall operation of the journal to ensure its intellectual quality.  It will be an annual publication to begin with, with the option of transforming it into a biannual or quarterly publication in the future if funds and intellectual infrastructure for its sustenance and a readership can be generated.  Any individual can write to the journal as long as their contributions are in tune with the interests of the journal, relevant to the region and meet with the journal’s specific publishing criteria. Editor – South Asia Journal for Culture and Senior Faculty, Colombo Institute for the Advanced Study of Society and Culture, Sasanka Perera,, Website:


Vasl Artists' Page : Call for Registration, Lahore and Islamabad

Your opportunity to join the only comprehensive contemporary artists' database, the Vasl Artists ' Directory in Lahore and Islamabad. The website training and page uploads will be carried out in Lahore and Islamabad/Pindi in the month of March for Rs 2000 per artist. Dates and other info  on website by 1st Feb, register your seat and page by emailing your name/age/location and genre to 

Commonwealth Connections 2009 In 2009 the Commonwealth Connections residency programme will enable promising visual artists from Commonwealth countries to spend time developing their art and sharing their practice in another Commonwealth country.The residencies seek to create an environment that supports creativity and individual cultural expression, as well as increasing mutual understanding between peoples through artistic exchange.Artists may apply online, by email or by post. Applications are judged online by an international panel of artists, including former winners, and experts in the different artforms and regions of the Commonwealth.Website: Deadline: 1 March 2009.

Rijksakademie, Call for Entries: Amsterdam
The Rijksakademie Residency in Amsterdam is an international research and production place for emerging, professional artists from all continents. The Rijksakademie is more than a residency. It has extensive technical facilities, a library and an art collection. In addition, the Rijksakademie offers basic facilities such as a studio, assistance by technical specialists, a work budget, and mediation with accommodation and grants.
Deadline: 1 February 2009. Website:


8th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2009  - Bulgaria

An international print annual with the premise that no art form has broader implications in contemporary society than that of the print.Participation has a fee and will provide one year presentation on the web with 3 months of exhibition and printed full colour catalogue.Website: Deadline: Packages postmarked March 31st 2009 shall be accepted.


Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition and Exhibition - Japan, Tokyo

Musée Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection (MHYYC) is pleased to announce a competitive international exhibition of best innovative intaglio print art in the world today. A grand prize of ¥1,000,000 and two second prizes of ¥400,000 with 15 more honorable mentioned to be exhibited at Musée Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection, Tokyo, Japan.

Website and Deadlines:

"The European Biennial Network" Liverpool, UK. Location: Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool Target Group: Artists, writers, urbanists Discipline: Visual Arts, Curating/Research, Graphic Design, Literature Duration: 1 May- 30 August Description: In the following months, the member Biennials of the "European Biennial Network" will be issuing open calls for residency positions. Liverpool Biennial will be offering one of these residencies.Liverpool Biennial is inviting proposals for a 3-month residency period that focuses on the interaction of art in local neighborhoods, particularly on the relation between imagination and a sense of place. The candidate will be based alongside residents in north of the city, a region subject to large-scale regeneration programmes with enormous impact on the build environment and social life. The candidate will be expected to engage with these issues. The outcome of the research/project will be presented as part of Urbanism 2009, a project initiated by Liverpool Biennial along the Leeds-Liverpool canal for September 2009.Paid by host: The successful applicant will be offered travel to and from their host city and accommodation, as well as a stipend of 1.000 euros per month. Additional funds for equipment and/or transport of work may be available, depending on the specifics of the residency. Website: Deadline: 25 January 2009

"Curating in the Expanded Field" Curatorial Program 2009-2010, De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Location: De Appel, Amsterdam Target Group: Curators and Cultural Practitioners Duration: 2009-2010 Description: Initiated in 1994, the Curatorial Programme of de Appel arts centre wishes to offer young curators a condensed package of experiences and skills that can be used as tools and instruments during the development of their professional career. In September 2006, a remodeled version of the eight-month long Curatorial Program was launched with a renewed curriculum and an extended tutorial team. Throughout the program attention is paid to the history of exhibition-making, diverse curatorial practices, collection and institution building and project management. The unique and special thematic focus is on the polarity between 'free-lance' and 'institutional' curating and on the examination of 'context-responsive' curating. This focus culminates in a 'site-specific' curatorial assignment: the participants of the course are invited to investigate a specific area and realize a project that relates to this site in a direct or indirect way. Website: Contact: Deadline: 30 January 2009

"Residency for Foreign Curator at La Galerie" Paris, France

Location: La Galerie, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Noisy- le- Sec. Target Group:  Curators Duration: 6 April – 4 July 2009 Description:  La Galerie, a contemporary art centre located in the suburbs of Paris , hosts each year a foreign curator in residence for a period of three months. First organised in 2006, the aim of the residency is to put on an exhibition at La Galerie within the context of an art centre, and to meet artists and professionals working in the contemporary art field in France. Application criteria: Each candidate must submit an exhibition proposal, which he/she would be able to implement with the help of La Galerie's team (for further info rmation, contact La Galerie).Paid by host: Free accommodation is provided (including costs of electricity, gas, internet, phone and tran sport ) in a 65 m2 flat in the centre of Noisy-le-Sec (10 minutes by train from Paris ). A total budget of 25,000 € is provided by the art centre to cover artists' and curator’s travel costs, the curator’s fee (3000 €) Deadline: 23 January 2009

My Culture + Your Culture = ? Share Your Story! Global/Online-  Connect through our Online Video Contest! Create and upload your 3-minute video on what  “My Culture + Your Culture” means to you! Prizes: Four Grand Prize Winners will each be eligible for an all-expenses-paid two-week International Exchange Program (two in each of the age categories, 14-17 and 18+ years, two US citizens and two non-US citizens).Winning videos will gain recognition by expert judges and feature on ExchangesConnect, our international networking site, as well as YouTube, MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook, Orkut and many others. Details: Videos will be judges on Originality, Creativity, Effectiveness and Production Quality. Videos will be peer reviewed by the ExchangesConnect community who will vote on their 40 favourite videos. The top 40 will be ranked by an esteemed panel of judges who are former participants in US Department of State’s Exchange Programs. Winners will be determined by the highest ranking videos. Rules and upload video at ExchangesConnect: December 1, 2008 to January 26 2009. Sponsored by he US Department of State Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs in partnership with Adobe Youth Voices

Call for Submissions: The Third International Biennial of Graphic in The Islamic World, Iran                          Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute under supervision of Iranian Academy of Arts is about to hold Submit 3 Posters and also you can send 3 posters of each section in the recall to Saba Cultural and Artistic. Work later than the deadline will not be accepted. After selection program by referees, the selected posters will be shown in the poster biennial exhibition and the winners will be declared at the closure ceremony.  Dates:19th, October, 2009. Deadline: 17th, April, 2009. More Info: and

DIVA – Artist-in-residence program in Denmark To promote creative exchange between Danish and foreign artists and art institutions, The Danish Arts Council has established an artist-in-residence program in Denmark. The program makes it possible to invite artists from abroad to stay and work in Denmark for extended periods. Application deadline: August 15 2008.

Pro Helvetia - Artists-in-Residence 2010/ 2011, Switzerland

Pro Helvetia New Delhi offers artists and professional cultural practitioners in the visual, performing and the applied arts, the possibility of a three-week to six-month residency in Switzerland (for artists from the South Asia region) and in India (for artists from Switzerland). Artists from the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan/India) should submit their application to Pro Helvetia New Delhi. Deadline: For Applicants for the year 2010/ 2011 is 31 January 2009. Website:  



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VASL Lahore, Public Art Residency, November 2008 

Huma Mulji of Vasl Artists Collective Lahore along with Annemarie Schimmel Haus (German Cultural Center Lahore) pushed a house full of artists and writers from China, Germany, the USA, Nepal, Iran, Scotland and Pakistan for 2 weeks. This international residency hosted by Vasl Lahore working group was a high point after a series of two public art workshops over the years called ‘13 Satelites’, an investigative practise around public art. These public art programs in Lahore have marked an important aspect of the role Vasl plays in the domain of alternative art practise in context of Pakistan. Images:


VASL 'Writing Home About Home...', October 2008

An intense residency period of 5 weeks in the mega city of Karachi with artists Jeanette Gaussi (Kabul– Berlin), Monali Meher (India–Amsterdam), Riaz Mehmood, (Pakistan-Montreal) and Khalil Chishti (Lahore - San Francisco). The idea of diaspora, home and location took center stage in 'Writing home about home...' with a well attended ARTshare at the Indus Valley School and an elaborate development of artists works from digital prints, found objects and multi media installations to a performative piece by Monali Mehr for the open day. The artists experience was further shared in the ARTstudy in the end which was attended by writers, critics and artists to question and consolidate aspects of location and identity within current global practise.  


Purveyor of new ideas - Write-Up by Nafisa Rizvi


The Museum of Non Participation, Karachi- London

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler at Artangel and Vasl Residency, Nov- Dec 2008, Karachi

The 'Museum' is an ongoing London-Karachi collaboration which was being developed by Mirza and Butler during the month of December together with Vasl and artists in Karachi. Their intense 6 week period included three interactive forums based on the ideas around the 'Museum'. Mr Arif Hasan also delivered a special lecture on the forum 'The Architecture of Destruction' in December along with presentations by participants. As the museum travels back to London and beyond, the aim is to provoke thought and actions among a wide spectrum of communities and (non) participants.  Drawing on the richness of the everyday at each site, The Museum of Non-Participation examines how our lives in one space have implications on the other. The works will be shown on both locations (London and Karachi) in mid 2009. . Supported by Artangel UK and Vasl Pakistan.


Launch of the South Asia Journal for Culture initiated by the South Asian Network:

Khoj, Theertha, Britto, Sutra  and Vasl

Launch of South Asia Journal for Culture by Sasanka Perera in October in Karachi at the Goethe Institut with NuktaArt Pakistan Art Seminar ‘The Anxious Century'.The journal will carry contributions from writers across the region. Copies of the journal are available for Rs.500 at the Second Floor


Successful 4 Shows: Six Degrees Of Separation Exhibition and Odd-Spaces Project - India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Pakistan This South Asian Network Project were honorary shows that commemorated ten years of Triangle Arts activities within the region from 4th- 20th September 2008. The shows were put up in all 4 locations South Asia – Khoj, Britto, Theertha and Vasl. Faisal Anwer’s project Odd Spaces connected all these 4 art spaces for 5 days and ran alongside the art show. A catalogue of Six Degrees Of Separation shows that will be marking this anniversary of consistent work and development of art practise within the region will be launched soon.



Vasl: Press: Salwat Ali for DAWN on the show


Vasl-Unilever Collaboration

Vasl in collaboration with Unilever and Wikkid Channel designed and scripted an 8 part art program for students and teachers called the Art Room. This was for the Unilever International Art Project 'Spaces and Places'. The educational outreach through media and alternative platforms is an active part of Vasl's ongoing art programs geared to varied audiences and groups.



Artists in the Network and beyond


Rashid Rana: Vienna, Dubai, HK and Mumbai

Rana at the Belvedere Musuem, Vienna. The Power of the Ornament at the Orangery, Lower Belvedere Musuem, Vienna, will feature a diverse mix of international artists’ ruminations on visual spectacle.

Date: Jan 2009  Website:

Part of Lines of Control, a group exhibition examining borders, which will travel to the three venues: Third Line gallery Dubai, VM Gallery, Karachi, and Green Cardamom, London. Dates: Jan-Mar 2009 Website:

Participated in exhibition at Macy Gallery, Columbia University, New York, and lectured as part of Conversations Across Cultures symposium. Dates: November 2008 Website:

Rashid Rana gave artist talk at Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, as part of the Artist Studio lecture series. Dates: October 2008 Website:

Everywhere is War (and rumors of war) at Bodhi Art Gallery in Mumbai featured such artists such as Rashid Rana, Francesco Clemente, and Subodh Gupta. Dates: Sept 2008 Website:


Naiza H Khan: Karachi, Bologna

Group Show and Venue Opening  'White on White', KOEL'S Gallery Date: Thursday 12th Feb-2009,

Khan at the Bologna Art Fair represented by Gallerie Davide Gallo


Adeela Suleman: Karachi, London, NY & Bologna

Solo Show Canvas Date: Feburary 2009

Part of Signs Taken for Wonders: Recent Art from India and Pakistan- Aicon Gallery- London
Dates: December 4, 2008 - January 31, 2009
Suleman at Aicon NY Dates: December 11, 2008 - January 11, 2009

Bologna Art Fair represented by Gallerie Davide Gallo:


Hamra Abbas: AAA's 'One Artist for 2009', Sharjah and London

Art Asia Pacific nominates Hamra as their 'One Artist for 2009' in their 2009 Almanac. Past nominees have included Subodh Gupta, Yeondoo Jung and Ranjani Shettar. She will also be showing two projects in Sharjah as part of the Sharjah Biennial and is a finalist for the new Jameel Prize which will be launched this summer with a show at London's V&A.


Shazieh Gorji: Croatia, Virginia, New Delhi 

CERAMICA MULTIPLEX 2009 Dates: April 11 till May 3 2009 in the City Museum of Varazdin and other places in the town.Held under the patronage of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Varazdin City Council.,

Silhouettes Converse, Ceramics & Photography Exhibit, Studio 11 Gallery, Lexington, Virginia USA,

The International Terracotta Exhibition, New Delhi India, February 2009


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Artists In Diaspora

Huma Bhabha: Recieves the Aldrich Emerging Artist Award and Exhibition Huma Bhabha, who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, earned her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from Columbia University. She now lives and works in Poughkeepsie, New York, and is represented by Salon 94, New York, and ATM Gallery, New York. Dates:  September 14, 2008 –February 8, 2009. Website: NY Times, Connecticut:

Shazia Sikander - Cooper Hewitt Museum and Germany                                                                                 Sikander Selects Works from the Permanent Collection of Cooper Hewitt:                                                                        Interstitial: 24 Faces and the 25th Frame. Her most recent exhibitions include the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2007-2008) and the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham (2008). Interstitial: 24 Faces and the 25th Frame is the first exhibition of the artist in Germany. Website:


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Galleries and Exhibitions




Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is an arts organisation that develops and runs visual arts projects in collaboration with public museums and galleries. The organisation works on a not-for-profit basis and is supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation. Green Cardamom runs a regular gallery programme in its London space, where it also develops new curatorial projects. The organisation’s primary focus is international contemporary art viewed from an Indian Ocean perspective. Green Cardamom's programme is informed by artistic practice in Pakistan, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East


Gallery exhibitions


Lines of Control - Dubai, Karachi and London.

Lines of Control is a multiyear project examining the visual culture spawned by the Partition of India.

From January – March a series of exhibitions curated by Green Cardamom will open at VM Gallery, Karachi; Third Line, Dubai and at Green Cardamom’s London Space. The Lines of Control exhibitions in 2009 includes work by:  

Bani Abidi, Roohi Ahmed, Farida Batool, Rana Begum, Iftikhar Dadi and Nalini Malini, Anita Dube, Sophie Ernst, Ahsan Jamal, Amar Kanwar, Tariq Khalil, Ahmed Ali Manganhar, Naeem Moheiemen, Rashid Rana, Seher Shah, Abdullah Syed, Hajra Waheed and Muhammad Zeeshan. Dates: 28 January 2009 – 28 March 2009


Works by Muhammad Zeeshan. Dates: 11 December to 18 February, 2009

Public projects                                                                                                                                                      Hamra Abbas and Sophie Ernst have both been invited to show new work at the Sharjah Biennial which will open in March, 2009. Muhammad Zeeshan and Khadim Ali’s work will feature in an exhibition at the British Museum from March – October, 2009.                        

Talks and Writings                                                                                                                                                                 Iftikhar Dadi has written an essay on contemporary Pakistani art for the catalogue accompanying Serpentine Gallery’s India Highway Exhibition.                                                                                                                                                                    Hammad Nasar has written on contemporary Pakistani art for Orientations magazine and gave a talk on the subject at a Seminar on South Asian Art organised by Canvas for the Art Paris, Abu Dhabi Art Fair in November, 2008. 

Green Cardamom will be at Art Dubai in March 2009



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           December        16TH          Izdeyar Setna

           January           10TH          Naima Dadaboy


                                 20TH         Mansoora Hassan   

          January                2nd          "THREADS IN PLAY"        Francine Angele Chen & Mehak Khalid. 
Graduates of Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture


                                   28th        "Lines of control"      Green Cardamom Artists


          HEMISPHERE by Aasim Akhtar,  Saturday 24th January, 5:30 - 8:00 pm . Labels Khy-e-Shamsheer, Phase 5, DHA Karachi.

·        ROHTAS Gallery, Lahore

      January              27th          Mariam Ibraaz and Ahsan Nadeem

      February             5th              Unam Baber

                                      19th            Noorjehan Bilgirami

       January              12th        Shalalae Jamil



· ROHTAS GALLERY, Islamabad,

· NAIRANG, Lahore,

· GULMOHAR  Karachi, 

· KHAS GALLERY, Islamabad,





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Art resources and useful links

Singapore Biennale 2008 Tour

Through its theme "Wonder," the SB2008 investigates the articulation and creation of marvels, riddles and illusions in our world today.

Dates:11 September - 16 November 2008



Art in Review, New York Times: 3 Pakistani Women Artists, Aicon Show NY gallery&st=cse



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